Musician Bernadette Kiely


Why not start your weekend with an evening of relaxing, ethereal music, by attending A Concert of Favourites, which will be performed by renowned organist Bernadette Kiely, as part of Limerick Culture night, September 16.

The concert which begins at 8.30pm will take place in St John’s Cathedral, Cathedral Place, Limerick, and will be just 30 minutes long.

Bernadette has been organist at the cathedral since 2001, and choir director since 2008, she is also a founding member of the Limerick Pipe Organ Festival.

Established in 2014, the Limerick Pipe Organ Festival was initially formed to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the organ in St. John’s Cathedral. Since then, the festival has gone from strength to strength and aims to raise awareness of the rich heritage of pipe organs in the city of Limerick and surrounding area.


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