I have been working as a freelance journalist since I completed an MA in Journalism in 2014.

This blog is about interesting people, places and events that I come across.

My background is in the arts, music, art, drama and education, but I am also interested in many other areas such as, general news, profiles, people who do extraordinary things, Special Olympics, animal welfare, fitness, well-being, mental health, books, authors, creative writing, business and entrepreneurs.

I Grew up in a family business, and had my own business working as a professional classical Soprano, singing at hundreds of weddings throughout Ireland. I also toured internationally with Anuna and was a Bunratty Castle Entertainer. I now balance teaching music and voice training with writing.

I was recently diagnosed as a coeliac, which has been a life changing event, after years of being told that I had a stomach ulcer.  Now, on a gluten free diet, and returning to eating meat having been a vegetarian for the last 26 years, I have never felt better. So I will be covering the area of food as well, discovering new recipes and coeliac friendly places where I have eaten. Hope you enjoy.


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